Friday, April 1, 2011

Sorry :(

Now I find it is pretty hard to follow our resolutions which we make at the onset of every year. Although I said before that I will post every week, I was not able to follow my resolution. Sorry for that friends.

If I sit and start thinking of this, I find that the main cause of every misfortune in our life comes from two main things. One is our laziness and the other one is our greediness for some better options. We are not satisfied  with what we  have at present and we always look for something better which eats our time, money and other resources.

I was waiting for some nice topic to get me started in this year's post...but that led me to a disastrous situation where I don't have any single post till now in this year.

Well mistakes are a part and parcel of life...and everybody commits some mistakes... but the real thing is you have to rise again from  ur downfall.... like a pheonix.

so here I am starting with this ( my 1st post in 2011) I will try to follow my resolutions and will try to bring better post almost every week.....stay tuned. :)

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  1. ya go on buddy neva mind..i m following u